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Solar Meter Free Checklist

If your solar meter isn't reporting energy production correctly, be sure to review this free checklist before bringing in a professional.

"My system was installed by Sungevity They declared bankruptcy and our 25 year service contract was dropped. I was concerned to reconnect to monitoring and verifying my system was working properly. Stable solar took care of this in two days. Their fee for ongoing service is very reasonable."

— Laura W.

Solar meters are responsible for logging the amount of clean electricity your photovoltaic (PV) panels generate. And they can immediately alert you if your system’s solar production falls below the normal range. These notifications allow you to intervene faster to protect your monthly utility bill savings.

Without a properly functioning solar meter, you won’t know something is wrong with your PV panels until you receive your next utility bill.

But what happens if the solar meter itself stops working?

Any number of potential causes could be the culprit. And you may eventually have to swap out your current solar meter with a replacement.

However, there’s a very good chance that the root cause is something you can pinpoint and even troubleshoot yourself

Solar Meter Free Checklist

Get a FREE Checklist to Uncover 3 Issues & How to Solve Them

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