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We’ve managed over 100 solar panel removal and replacement jobs in Colorado.

Solar Removal & Replacement in Colorado

Has Hail Damaged Your Roof or Solar Panels?

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We will coordinate with your insurance company, roofers, and installers to ensure your system is safely removed and restored, in most cases at no additional cost to you.

There are many things that can go wrong with a solar installation, including dust build-up, low-quality workmanship, or faulty wiring. But if you live in Colorado, there’s one more thing to worry about – hail storms.

Most damage occurs between May and October when hail storms are most severe. If your roof is impacted by one of these summer storms, there’s not much wiggle room.

Your roof needs to be replaced or repaired before the next storm hits.

If you don’t already have a qualified roofer, we can help with that as well – with a detailed quote that covers reroofing, solar panel removal, and solar panel replacement.

In fact, having a qualified roofer who doubles as a trained PV technician offers numerous benefits, including:

Faster turnaround times
Lower Project Costs
Fewer Scheduling Headaches
Simpler Insurance Paperwork
Fully Licensed

In addition, all roofing and solar-related warranties are handled by the same licensed contractor. If hail has recently damaged your roof or PV panels, Stable Solar can help. We’ve managed over 100 solar panel removal and replacement jobs in Colorado alone.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"We have solar panels from a company that went out of business.  I called Stable Solar to see if they would remove and reinstall the panels while we were having roof work done.  This company is awesome!! They coordinated with the roofing company and got the job done! The guys that came to our home were fabulous!! I will use them for all solar work in the future!!"

— Lori R.