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As solar installer, it may feel like you’re spending more time talking to customers and servicing their needs — even if:

  • You don’t offer maintenance agreements or workmanship warranties as part of your installation service.
  • The problems they face stem from sources you don’t control — like pests, faulty equipment, or natural disasters.
  • You want to keep your customers happy. However, you’re losing valuable time servicing issues that aren’t your responsibility.
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What if you could:

Keep your customers satisfied without having to spend time diagnosing and servicing their systems?
Still provide end-to-end protection without getting bogged down in administrative paperwork and details?
Offer 24/7 real-time solar monitoring without having to track (or troubleshoot) PV performance yourself?

Why Partner with Stable Solar?

At Stable Solar, we specialize in the full range of maintenance, monitoring, repairs, and removals for residential solar customers nationwide. By becoming a certified partner, you’ll be able to offer these services to your own customers either during the sales process or after installation. Once your customers are signed up, we handle every aspect of their system upkeep.

How Our Services Work

Real-Time Solar Installation

With access to your existing solar
monitoring solution, we can track how
your customers’ installations are
performing so you don’t have to. If
something goes wrong with one of your
customer's PV systems, we assess the cause, reach out to the customer, and if necessary, dispatch a technician to fix the problem.

Unless we’ve determined that the failure was due to a workmanship issue, you’re not responsible for any servicing. If you do specialize in solar installation repair, you can get paid to service systems in your territory (as one of our certified Technician Partners).

Ongoing Solar PV System

At Stable Solar, we offer ongoing maintenance packages to keep your customers’ systems up and running. Our installer partners gain exclusive access to our maintenance plan and can sell them to their customers at the time of installation or post-installation. When a
system needs servicing, we coordinate with:

  • Customers to map out their availability
  • Insurance companies to process claims
  • PV manufacturers for replacement parts
  • Technicians to repair performance issues

Solar Panel Removal &

If your customers ever need to remove their panels because of a roofing upgrade or damage from hail, we’ll coordinate with the homeowner, roofer, and insurance provider to make sure the job is done correctly.

As a Stable Solar partner, you retain the ability to perform the service work in your geographic market. We let you know what we will pay for the reinstallation, and you decide if you want to perform the job yourself or have
it done by one of our other qualified service teams.

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Your Partnership Benefits

End-to-end support allows you to distinguish your services from the hundreds of other solar offers that customers receive daily.
You receive a referral fee for every customer who signs up for any of our one-time or ongoing service maintenance agreements.
When you partner with us, we handle 100% of all post-installation monitoring, maintenance, and repairs – so you can focus on your primary business of adding new solar customers.

Plus, whenever we receive referrals for new installations, we’ll send those service tickets directly to you. These pre-screened leads will have already expressed an interest in what you offer, minimizing the effort it takes to convert prospects.

This means you spend less time selling and more time installing. Equally important, nothing needs to change about your current operations.

You can continue to find your own customers and focus on those parts of your
business that are most profitable. Stable Solar is simply a customer-focused
resource that complements your business by helping you:

  • Differentiate your PV installation offerings
  • Save you valuable time and administrative costs
  • Grow your solar installation business

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