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Stable Solar Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership is offered by Stable Solar, Inc. (“Company”) to the identified home solar owner (“Member”). 

A. Coverage Included:

  • Company will receive access to Member’s monitoring system and will monitor solar installation. If Company identifies a significant performance issue Company will notify Member and provide options to restore solar installation to expected performance.
  • Member will determine when service is required, and once authorized Company shall perform service work required to restore solar installation to expected performance.

B. Coverage Term and Fees:

  • Enrollment: $349
    - Includes Site Assessment, Performance Report, and monitoring confirmation
    - Includes first year Membership Fee
    - Monitoring equipment and setup, if required, is extra
  • Annual Renewal: $119 per year


1. Coverage. This contract covers the systems and equipment identified by Member (“Covered Systems”) at the time of initial enrollment, and annually beginning on the anniversary of the initial contract until terminated by Member.

2. Service. If Member requests service, the Company, or its authorized service contractors, shall provide a quote to provide service, including equipment cost, labor and any other costs required to perform service. Upon acceptance of the quote, Company shall promptly contact Member to arrange a mutually beneficial time for a repair visit.

3. Membership Discount. Company will discount all services to Members and will identify the Discounted Membership Rate in all quotes. 

4. Monitoring. Company shall monitor all systems if Member provides Company access to their operational monitoring system. If Company does not have access to, or otherwise does not provide monitoring for Member’s monitoring system, Company shall provide Member with monitoring options and pricing. Company shall notify Member of a system defect identified through monitoring system alert, and if Member wants Company to repair system defect Company shall provide a quote with Membership Discount. 

5. Performance Guarantee. If Covered System is identified as underperforming and performs below 75% of expected performance for more than 90 days after Customer approves a quote and authorizes service, and the delay in service is due to Company’s inability to perform labor and not due to delay in receiving new equipment or other delays outside of Company’s control, Company shall compensate Customer for power that Customer would have generated if system was performing as expected. Customer shall submit proof of expected performance and utility bills, which Company shall utilize to verify cost of lost performance generation.

6. Transfer Upon Sale. If Member is a homeowner who has listed the Covered Property for sale, this contract may be assigned to the buyer of the Covered Property at the time title passes to the buyer for an additional fee of $100. Premium shall be due and payable on close of escrow. Upon payment of the additional premium, the period of coverage shall be extended to the end of the term of this contract. 

7. Exclusions. In no event shall the Company be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or for any delay or failure in its performance under this contract caused by events beyond the reasonable control of the Company, including, but not limited to, terrorism, war, pandemics, riots, labor strikes, interruption of utility services, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

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