Solar Maintenance Service Terms

System must be performing as expected at time contract initiated. Pricing based on one or two story home located in Stable Solar’s primary service territory. Solar installations located outside primary service territory may be extra, price to be confirmed prior to contract initiation.

To trigger a service visit, system must be performing at least 5% below expected performance for at least two weeks, or be performing below 50% for at least three days. Performance dips do not include weather-related incidents or utility outages.

Stable Solar will assist with equipment warranty issues, but plan does not include cost of equipment not under warranty. 

Homeowner can stop paying at any time, but if payment stops prior to term completion, checkup will be pro-rated based on percentage of term completed. For instance, if homeowner stops paying after one year of three year plan, homeowner would receive one third off the cost of a checkup.

Monitoring access required, if no monitoring available Stable Solar can provide monitoring options for additional cost.

Covers 100% of labor costs required to successfully resolve first service issue. If additional, unrelated service issues require servicing during the contract term Customer will receive 25% off labor required for servicing subsequent service issues. Customer will decide if a service will be completed. 

Service Plan covers repair and replacement of inverters, panels, microinverters, optimizers, meters and related solar installation components only. Damage to roof, damage caused by animals (squirrels, pigeons, etc.), and damage caused by homeowner or other is excluded. If customer desires a pest guard solution, Stable Solar can provide it at a reduced cost.

If Customer sells home prior to Service plan term Customer shall have the option of transferring Service Plan to new homebuyer or purchasing the remaining term outright and transferring it to the new homeowner. 

Customer is responsible for giving Stable Solar access to solar monitoring, and for maintaining monitoring system for duration of Service Plan. If monitoring fails or monitoring becomes obsolete during term (i.e., 2G or 3G cellular service is no longer supported), Customer may use their service coverage to perform the labor necessary to upgrade or replace meter. Purchase of new meter and related equipment is responsibility of Customer.

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