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Solar Repair Service in Southern California

Are you experiencing one of these solar issues? We can help.

Your PV solar panels are not working properly, and you don’t know why.

Your solar installer is no longer in business or doesn’t respond.

Your monthly solar savings are less than you expected.

Are you experiencing one of these solar issues? We can help.

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Our Guarantee

At Stable Solar, we remain committed to helping you extract the most value from your PV solar installation. This is why all of our one-time and ongoing services come with ironclad protection complete with a one-year workmanship guarantee.

Membership & Service Frequently Asked Questions

Does my system need to be on a monitoring plan?

You must have a monitoring plan in order for us to be able to monitor your system. If you do not have a monitoring system, or if your monitoring system is not operating or is obsolete, we can provide you with discounted monitoring options.

What does the Stable Solar Membership Plan cover?

Membership Plans cover monitoring and provide discounts on services, equipment, and upgrades. With a Stable Solar Membership Plan you can relax knowing your solar installation has professional monitoring and a team that will cover whatever solar needs you may have, today or in the future.

What does the Stable Solar Service Plan not cover?

The plan does not cover force majeure events or physical damage to the system, although, we will provide a 25% discount on labor, if needed. If another issue arises during the term of your service plan, we will discount the labor by 25%. If you choose not to have the system check, we will offer an $80 voucher towards a future plan.

Why should I pay extra, doesn’t the installer handle service issues?

Installers provide you with a workmanship warranty, but Stable Solar specializes in a full range of service issues that go well beyond workmanship, including equipment failure and other service issues. Stable Solar provides 24/7 monitoring and will notify you if they detect any issue that may affect your solar installation’s performance. And, unlike installers, Stable Solar offers discounts on all labor, services and upgrades for all Membership Plan participants.

Who do I call if I have a service issue?

Your first call should be to Stable Solar, they have experienced Customer Support Specialists who can help diagnose your service issue and recommend the right course of action. If your solar installer needs to be involved Stable Solar will work with them to solve your service issue.

What if I have no service issues during the term of my Service Plan?

Stable Solar will monitor your system for the duration of your Service Plan and will notify you if we see anything that might impact your system’s performance. Stable Solar will send you periodic performance reports that show you how your system is doing and includes helpful tips to keep your system operating as expected, along with new product offerings to keep you on top
of the latest solar and home energy developments.

What if I have multiple service issues during the term of my Service Plan?

Stable Solar offers discounts on every service and piece of equipment, so no matter what your system requires you can rest assured knowing you will receive the best rate on all solar products and services.

Do I have to have a service issue in order to call Stable Solar?

No, Stable Solar’s Customer Support is always available to answer any solar questions you may have, whether you just want to know more about your system or are thinking of adding more panels or a battery or EV charger or other accessory.

Do my solar panels really need cleaning?

In most cases, yes. That’s because dust, pollen, ash from wildfires and debris can prevent usable sunlight from hitting your solar panels. As a result, your PV system generates less energy – and you end up paying more for expensive grid electricity.

How do I get rid of pests that have infested my solar panels?

Pest and vermin can cause irreparable damage to your system by chewing wires, leaving droppings, and building nests. Worse still, they can quickly multiply if you don’t intervene.

As part of our service plans, we clean under your solar panels, eliminating pests and removing debris.

If you have pigeons, squirrels, mice, or other unwelcomed guests under your solar panels, we can install proprietary pest guards to prevent future infestations.

"My system was installed by Sungevity. They declared bankruptcy and our 25 year service contract was dropped. I was concerned to reconnect to monitoring and verifying my system was working properly. Stable solar took care of this in two days. Their fee for ongoing service is very reasonable."

— Laura W.