Solar Meter Replacement Options

Stable Solar independently assessed a range of home solar meter options. Here are our recommendations.

Of the three options, Emporia offers the lowest cost and provides basic solar monitoring functionality and reporting. If you're looking for more features, such as integrating your meter with smart home devices, or if you need a stronger wifi signal, Sense is a great option and Stable Solar Members receive a $20 discount off the retail rate.

We only recommend Locus for homeowners who already have Locus and wish to retain cellular connectivity.

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Stable Solar Memberssave 10% (discount applied at checkout)
$329 for Stable Solar Members

Connectivity Protocol

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Cellular (5 Years)

Extra Sensors Included

Measures the electricity flowing from panels


Space required inside breaker box
9.29” x 6.77” x 4.8”
7.9” x 7.6” x 7.4”
6.95" x 6.50" x 7.30"

Remote Access

Mobile App
Mobile App & Web
Mobile App & Web

Continuous Data

Appliance Monitoring

Circuit Expansion

Fully Contained in Panel

Wireless AMI Option

Machine Learning AI

Learns the patterns of your appliance usage

Built-in Wi-Fi Booster

For locations that do not have a strong enough signal

Energy Production Details of Solar Installation

Smart Home Integrations

(Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc)

Stable Solar Recommended

How to Purchase

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Initial system analysis and detailed performance report
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*Enrollment fee includes on-site system analysis, detailed report, and monitoring set up on a Stable Solar approved monitoring platform
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