Solar Power Monitoring

With solar power, there’s nothing to physically turn ON or OFF. Your panels automatically create clean electricity whenever the sun is shining without making a sound.

The only real evidence they are working is in your utility bill – where you can see the savings for yourself.

But this unique feature of solar powered energy is a double-edged sword.

If your panels do stop working because of dust, weather, or glitches – you won’t know until many months later. You could even end up owing the utility company hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

So how do you know if your solar photovoltaic (PV) system is performing properly?

The secret lies in solar monitoring.

How Our Solar Power Monitoring Solutions Work

As a Stable Solar Member, you will receive real-time solar monitoring of your PV system’s performance after:

  • Configuring your existing solar energy meter
    • Approved monitoring solutions include but are not limited to: Enphase and SolarEdge
  • Installing a new meter if you don’t have one (additional charges may apply)

We import your solar meter’s data throughout the day to see if the PV panels’ output is in line with what they should be producing at that moment in time. Our algorithms accomplish this by:

The slightest deviations automatically trigger an alert, and our monitoring team will then assess the situation and determine if any action is required. If intervention is necessary, we’ll dispatch a technician to correct the issue.

That way, your solar savings can continue – uninterrupted.

One Additional Benefit of Our Solar Power Monitoring Solutions

Solar PV technology is resilient enough that malfunctions are rare. Since solar installations have no moving parts, there is very little wear and tear.

However, any time electrical equipment is exposed to the elements, there is always the potential that something might stop working correctly. And this is precisely why solar monitoring is so important. Real-time performance tracking is the best way to safeguard your monthly savings over the 25+ years of your solar panels’ warrantied lifetime.

This alone makes solar monitoring a worthwhile investment.

However, there’s another benefit as well.

Many states offer Solar Renewable Energy Certificates – i.e. tradable “green” credits that you can sell on the open market. To qualify for these SRECs, however, you must demonstrate that your solar installation generates a certain threshold of energy (e.g. 1,000 kWh equals 1 green credit).

SREC administrators require solar monitoring data to validate your PV system’s clean energy production.

Why Stable Solar?

As a homeowner, there are solar monitoring solutions that you can manage on your own. Many installers offer monitoring services as well – at the time of installation.

However, both of these approaches have drawbacks:

Because of their limited data collection, most solutions only detect major performance dips. By contrast, our solar monitoring algorithms can identify seemingly small issues that could significantly impact your panels’ output.
Even when issues are detected, there’s usually no indication of where the problem lies – i.e. faulty wiring, accumulated dust, or bad weather. Our monitoring removes any guesswork, allowing us to fix the root cause ASAP.   
Installers aren’t incentivized to alert you if problems do occur. They make money from the installations, and real-time monitoring is actually an expense for them. But at Stable Solar, keeping your solar panels up and running is our core business.
Let Us Protect Your Solar Investment

Going solar is a great decision. If you want to enjoy guaranteed monthly savings for the next 20 to 25 years,
real-time solar monitoring is the best way to protect that investment.

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