Solar Service Technicians

A few decades ago, only a handful of homeowners could afford to install photovoltaic (PV) panels. But over the past 10 years, solar power’s explosive growth has led to:

  • Rising demand
  • Better financing
  • Lower prices

As a result – solar is now everywhere.

To put this in perspective, the U.S. is home to over 2 million solar installations with 300,000 new systems installed each year.

With each new solar installation comes more repairs. This is especially true since solar’s rapid growth has resulted in a much wider range of workmanship quality.

Simply put, there has never been a better time to be a Solar Service Technician.

Want to Grow Your Business Without Having to Work All Day in the Office?

This may be the “Golden Age” for Solar Service Technicians. But finding new business is not as simple as pounding on doors or calling up customers to ask if their PV systems are working properly:

  • For starters, most homeowners know very little about solar technology. The PV panels themselves are silent, and electricity is invisible. So many potential customers aren’t even aware if there’s a problem with their system.
  • If detectable problems do occur, those homeowners wouldn’t necessarily contact you – a dedicated Solar Repair Technician. They would most likely call the original installer or manufacturer.
  • Even if you do hear from homeowners directly, you’ll spend a lot of time talking them through the issue – with no guarantee that your time and effort will result in a service ticket.

Do you really want to spend your days calling cold leads or fielding questions? Every second spent on these activities is time taken away from your true calling – i.e. fixing solar PV installations.


What if you could receive customer referrals without having to spend time in the office or on the phone with homeowners? Imagine how much your business could grow with a steady stream of new service tickets.
What if you could arrive on the scene armed with diagnostic data to help you quickly pinpoint problems? You could spend nearly 100% of your time fixing issues instead of searching for them.

As a Stable Solar partner – all of this is possible.

How We Can Send Referrals to You

At Stable Solar, we specialize in the complete range of solar monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. And as part of this core service:

  • We handle all customer intake and provide real-time system diagnosis to help determine the most likely cause of an installation’s failure
  • We then forward this data to you – our qualified field technician – so you can quickly correct the problem with minimal troubleshooting

Many of our customers also require both one-time checkups and ongoing maintenance. And as our exclusive partner in your geographic service market, we can direct all of those requests straight to you.

Increase Your Volume, Service More Systems and Reduce "Office" Time

Generating referrals and on-boarding new customers are not the only services we provide.

Once you become a Stable Solar partner, we also coordinate with:

Homeowners to map out their availability
Insurance companies to process claims
Automated scheduling to maximize route density

Leave the paperwork, prospecting, and administration to us so you can focus on your more important (and profit-generating) activities – like getting PV systems up and running.

And remember that you enjoy exclusivity within your service market. All repair requests and diagnostics are automatically funneled directly to you – without your having to do anything.

Moreover, nothing needs to change about your current operations, meaning you can continue working with other customers just as you normally would. Think of Stable Solar as an additional source of field work that can help grow your service technician business – minus all of the administrative office tasks that normally clog up your day.

Become a Stable Solar Partner Today!

Save time, reduce your costs, boost profits, and grow your business.