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Benefits of Selling a Home With Solar Panels

June 17, 2021

Many people are naturally interested in buying homes with solar panels installed because they can save money on their utility bill with the perk of having access to clean, green, renewable energy. 

Solar panels on homes are popular for many different reasons, including:

  • They help you save money
  • They’re a clean, renewable energy source
  • You can get money back from your energy input to the grid

If you’re planning on selling your home, you may want to consider installing solar panels because they can help increase your property’s value. 

If you already have solar panels installed and are deciding to sell, then you’re in luck... solar panels are a great selling point for homes! 

Today we’re going to take a more in-depth look at the benefits of selling a home with solar panels and why it’s a good idea to install them sooner rather than later. 

Should You Install Solar Panels Even if You’re Not Going to be Living in Your Home Forever?

Sometimes life just happens, and unexpected changes mean we have to uproot and move - even after large, costly home renovations. 

Because of this uncertainty, and the uncertainty of the pandemic itself, many people find themselves not wanting to commit to investing in their homes, particularly when it comes to installing solar panels. They don’t want to spend their hard-earned money, only to move out of their home a year later. 

But should these unexpected twists and turns in life put a stop to you installing solar panels in your home? 

Absolutely not! Here’s why...

We always get asked, “do homes with solar panels sell faster?” and the answer is “yes, they do.” Homes with solar installed tend to sell much faster, and for a higher price, than those without, making solar panels an excellent investment, regardless of whether you'll be staying in your home long-term or not. 

Solar will help you save money, and if you do decide to sell in the foreseeable future, then you’re going to be adding a whole lot of value to your home, 4.1% to be exact.

Selling Your Home With a Solar Lease vs Owning Your Solar Energy System

Potential homebuyers will pay more for your property if you own your solar energy system than if you lease

Selling a house with owned solar panels is more straightforward than selling a home with leased panels. There is no leasing contract to transfer, the solar installation just comes as an asset to the home. 

If you’ve leased your solar installation and your buyer doesn't mind taking on the lease, they'll have to pass a credit check and fill out some paperwork - it's relatively painless when compared to the house sale paperwork.

Can a Solar Service Plan Increase the Value of Your Home?

Having solar monitoring and a solar membership plan in place when you sell your home is a bonus for any interested buyer. 

It is common for homes to have a home warranty included as part of the sale. A solar service plan is not a warranty, but it can also maximize the value of your home and alleviate any concerns from potential home buyers.

Solar service plans and monitoring increase your home’s value because:

  1. The solar panels are already being monitored for production and potential issues. So, the buyer doesn't have to worry about potential issues when they move in
  2. They know that the solar panels have been taken care of and everything is running properly
  3. The buyer will now have a resource that will explain how solar works and provide them with peace of mind

Think about it this way: 

Your house is a car, and you’re selling it next to another car that’s the same model, same mileage, and is even the same color. Both cars are the same price, BUT the buyer will choose the car that is in better working condition with a known history of regular maintenance and a resource that can be accessed if you have any questions. 

So, if you maintain your car and make sure it’s working perfectly, then a buyer is going to buy yours over somebody else’s. 

The same goes for your home. 

If you’ve got the right solar service plan and monitoring in place to provide peace of mind to your buyers, then you’ll have no problems selling your solar panel-fitted home. 

Get Access to Trustworthy, Reliable Solar Services

Whether you’ve just started thinking about installing solar panels or you’ve had them installed for a few years, a solar service & membership plan with monitoring can make your life easier. 

Our solar service & membership plan will let you access solar production data from the ease of your phone. We’ll also give you free troubleshooting over the phone whenever you need it. 

We’ll notify you if your solar panels stop working and fix them if they need repair, so you don’t need to monitor performance or wait until you get a high utility bill to realize something’s wrong.  

When it comes to transferring your plan over to a new owner, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll handle the paperwork. 

There’s no stress, only peace of mind. 

Contact us directly using our contact form or get in touch with one of our team members at (866) 737-2328 if you have any questions.

Solar Service Membership Plan

For less than $10 per month, Members receive:

Monitoring and regular monitoring reports
Initial system analysis and detailed performance report
Discounts on service visits, system upgrades, cleaning and other services

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