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Take control of your power supply with the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

September 18, 2020

In light of the recent (and recurring) outages across California, many property owners are looking to have better control over their power supply. 

The self-generation incentive program (SGIP) provides incentives to install new technologies designed to help protect anybody at risk from fire, utility service cutoffs, and any other threats that can prevent power output. 

SGIP offers both commercial and residential incentives. Residential incentives are targeted to residents who need electricity for their water pumps, for medical purposes (such as CPAP machines) and for those who live in high-risk fire areas. 

SGIP can seem a bit confusing, but we’re going to go through the details of what it is, who can get it, and how to apply for it in this blog post.

What is the SGIP program?

The CPUC SGIP program offers rebates for installing any new energy storage technology at residential or non-residential facilities. These technologies include battery storage systems that also function during power cuts or outages. 

Depending on which option you choose, and how much energy you use on a daily basis, batteries can provide power to your home for several hours at a time or longer. Battery storage is a tremendous  help when it comes to preparing for events like power outages. 

To be prepared for the next few wildfire seasons, the CPUC has authorized over $1 billion in funding (through to 2024) for the SGIP. 

This funding is prioritized for:

  • Residents living in high fire-threat areas
  • Residents who have experienced two or more utility PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut-off) incidents 
  • Low income or medically vulnerable customers
  • Critical facilities that support the community and are needed during PSPS or wildfire incidents 

The best way to get involved with the SGIP and get access to this funding is to reach out to an installer like Stable Solar. We are a certified SGIP Developer and can help you navigate the application process and get the right battery storage system for your home. 

If you’d like to learn more about solar batteries in general you can take a look at our blog post about solar batteries

Who’s eligible for the SGIP program?

Customers who meet the priority criteria above will be eligible for an SGIP solar battery rebate. 

There are two categories for the new higher rebates for SGIP:

  • Equity
  • Equity Resilience

Both are aimed to ensure lower-income and medically vulnerable people are at the front of the line when it comes to incentives for battery storage. It also includes communities that are located in at-risk of fire areas. 

These rebate categories lower the cost of energy storage technology so much that often the battery and the installation are completely free. 

Depending on what category you’re eligible for you can receive $850 per kilowatt-hour under the “Equity” category or up to $1,000 per kilowatt-hour under the “Equity Resilience” category. 

Both of these rebate categories will help get you an energy storage system for your home, or for your facility, potentially free of cost. 

If you’re a non-residential customer, you might be eligible for increased incentives depending on where your business is located and what service you offer to your community. 

If you can continue to serve your customers and the community during power outages, the SGIP can help.

Check out the eligibility for Residential and Non-Residential customers that CPUC provided to learn more about what you’re eligible for.

California's wildfires and solar storage solutions

During wildfire season, many homes and businesses end up losing access to power. Not only is this harmful to livelihoods, it can be dangerous for those who need electricity to run their own personal medical equipment. 

If you’re a medically vulnerable person or you live in an area where wildfire is prominent, applying for the SGIP program will help you get a solar battery rebate for your home - which can help in desperate times like wildfire season. 

Having this battery will provide you with a backup and a sense of security to prevent you from losing power when you need it most. 

At Stable Solar, we’re an official SGIP Developer - meaning we can help you apply for and install the technology needed for self-generation. We install batteries for both solar storage and generation which makes your electricity more secure. 

We work with highly qualified installers to quote, design and install your system. If you’re interested in getting your solar battery installed, contact us directly using our contact form or call us directly at (866) 737-2328.

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