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How To Prepare For Solar Panel Removal & Replacement

July 23, 2021

Thinking about replacing your solar panels or maybe need to repair your roof and need to temporarily remove your solar panels?

If so, you probably have a few questions about the solar panel removal process, or you want to know the best way to get solar panels replaced without damaging your roofing, your home, or the panels themselves. 

Why would you need to remove and replace your solar panels?

There are a few reasons you might need to remove or replace your solar panels, including:

  • Roof repairs: If you have an old roof or have moved into a house where the roofing has been neglected.
  • Roof replacements: If you’re looking to upgrade your roofing to update your home and improve insulation.
  • External roof damage: Roof damage can be caused by intense hail storms that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Have your solar panels or roof suffered from summer hail damage?

If you’re in Colorado or Texas, May and October hail storms can be incredibly severe and cause serious damage to your roofing that must be replaced or repaired before winter hits. 

Stable Solar can give you a quote to remove and replace your solar installation, and coordinate with your roofer to ensure the process is smooth and complete.

What issues can occur when removing or replacing your solar panels?

When you’re removing and replacing your solar panels, you can run into some troubling issues before work begins, and complications during the work that may cause delays in your project. 

Some of these issues include:

  • Your solar panel installer has gone out of business since you last used them, and you don’t know who to call.
  • Your chosen roofer won’t (or shouldn’t!) touch your solar panels and can’t fix your damaged roof until you remove them.
  • There are communication issues between your roofer and solar panel specialist. This often causes delays, with customers stuck in the middle.
  • The solar panels are off the roof for too long and you’re losing out on the amount of energy being produced. 

When it comes to choosing a roofer for the job, unless they’re a trained PV technician they shouldn’t be going anywhere near your solar panels. 

Communication between your professional roofer and your solar panel expert should be consistent and open. This will help reduce the amount of time that the panels are off the roof and help you get the job finished faster. 

How do you prepare for removing your solar panels?

When preparing to remove or replace solar panels, you should first talk to the company that installed your solar panels. They’ll know everything you need to know about removing or replacing your panels, and they might even provide a service to do it for you. 

If you’re not sure who installed your solar, the company has gone out of business, or you’re not comfortable working with that company again, then contact Stable Solar

Our team of solar panel experts make removing and replacing your solar panels a stressless experience. 

Next, get a quote for your solar panels’ removal and reinstallation sooner than later. Since it will need to be done before the roof is repaired or replaced, you can avoid potential delays by coordinating the solar portion of the job up front.

When calling to get a quote for your solar removal or reinstallation, make sure you have this information ready to go:

  • The total number of solar panels on your roof and whether they’re in one roof location
  • Roof type being removed and replaced
  • Roof pitch (it’s important to know If your roof is flat or has a steep pitch)
  • Whether the solar is on a second story or other unique roof surface 
  • Whether you’re filing an insurance claim for the work
  • Solar installation address

4 Important Things to Remember During Solar Panel Removal and Replacement

If you find that you need to remove and replace your solar panels, there are four things you should keep in mind during the process. 

  1. If your solar panel system is leased, you will need to get permission from the company you’re leasing it from before removing or replacing it. 
  1. If you’re remodeling your home and the roof plan is being changed, this could impact your solar production. To combat this, you should verify where your solar panels are going to be installed to ensure your energy production does not decrease. 
  1. Make sure your roofer knows they’ll be working with a solar company and that the two companies are in contact to avoid any complications or damage to your solar panels. 
  1. Identify a secure, on-site storage for your solar panels while your roof is being repaired or replaced. We recommend storing them in a locked garage as solar panels can be stolen if left unsecured.

Are you looking for the right team to help you remove or replace your solar panels quickly, professionally, and efficiently? 

Stable Solar has the perfect team for you and your solar power needs.

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