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Solar Batteries: Are They Worth the Investment & How to Get the Most from Them

February 27, 2020

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels were once prohibitively expensive for the average homeowner. Thanks to competition, incentives and increasing popularity, the technology is now more affordable than ever before.

Home solar batteries have followed a similar path.

How Much Are Home Solar Batteries?

There was a time when adding on-site storage didn’t make financial sense for most residential solar customers. Even with green incentives to help drive down the upfront cost of installing home solar batteries, adding storage still didn’t make sense for several reasons:

  • Most residential solar PV installations are tied to the utility grid, ensuring customers always have access to nighttime power
  • Utility companies never had planned power outages
  • Most utility markets offer some form of net energy metering – a state-level incentive allowing you to sell excess solar electricity to your utility provider in exchange for credits.

However, installing solar batteries for your home is becoming an increasingly viable option for many of the same factors that helped PV panels go mainstream – namely increased competition, better incentives and increased availability.

Under California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), for example, you qualify for up to $2,500 in cash rebates after installing a 10,000 kW home solar battery. This is enough “cash back” to cover nearly half of your total storage installation costs (at today’s prices).

Increased battery production has helped reduce costs further, allowing more homeowners to explore solar battery storage solutions when they decide to add panels to their roofs. 

Are Home Solar Battery Storage Systems a Worthwhile Investment?

With on-site solar batteries installed on their homes, residential customers benefit from:

  • Guaranteed access to nighttime electricity (once the sun goes down)
  • Fewer solar power intermittency issues – such as on cloudy, overcast days
  • 24/7 protection against blackouts, brownouts and other grid failures
  • Higher savings by selling even more solar power under net energy metering

With enough storage capacity, it’s possible to unplug from the grid completely so that 100% of your electricity comes from clean, free and renewable sunshine.

However, these benefits only emerge when you install solar batteries for your home the right way.

Adding Home Solar Batteries to a Residential PV Installation

At Stable Solar, we specialize in repairing, maintaining and optimizing solar installations to help our customers generate the highest monthly savings possible. We’ve partnered with leading energy storage companies to provide our customers with expert installations for most of the top solar battery brands on the market.

Once your home solar batteries are operational, you can enroll in our membership plan to ensure your entire PV system (panels + storage) delivers the highest possible savings for many years to come. If our real-time monitoring detects any dips in your PV system’s performance, our technicians will intervene and correct the issue to make sure your monthly solar savings continue without further interruption.

But what if you’ve already installed solar batteries on your home – and you’re not seeing the benefits you were expecting?

This happens more often than you may expect.

Optimizing Your Current Home Solar Battery System

Imagine paying a fortune for on-site battery storage – only to see small improvements in your electricity bill (or sometimes no change at all). Despite the growing reliability of home solar battery technology, issues like these remain far too common.

This is where Stable Solar can help.

If you already have a solar battery for your home that has stopped performing, our skilled technicians can:

  • Analyze and test your entire PV system to isolate potential trouble areas
  • Reconfigure your solar battery setup to eliminate any performance issues
  • Replace your battery if it stops performing

In addition, our experts can also customize your solar battery storage system for more reliable backup electricity. 

Solar Batteries for Planned Power Outages

In a state like California, where wildfires and outages are on the rise, having a reliable and consistent power supply is in demand. Provided you have the right inverter technology installed, your PV panels can deliver continuous daytime power during planned and unplanned power outages with solar batteries – whether the utility grid is up or not.

Is On-Site Solar Storage the Right Option for You?

Adding home solar batteries is strictly optional—and it’s certainly possible to save money relying exclusively on PV panels and incentives like net energy metering. However, for an increasing number of residential customers, home solar battery storage systems are a worthwhile investment delivering higher savings, shorter payback periods and protection from power outages.

To learn more about our home solar storage solutions and comprehensive membership plans, contact us directly using our contact form today.

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